What is BRAC? 

"BRAC" is an acronym that stands for Base Realignment And Closure.  It is the Congressionally authorized process Department of Defense has used to reorganize it's base structure to more efficiently and effectively support our forces and increase operational readiness. 

Why is BRAC Important?

Most importantly BRAC will dramatically improve the readiness and overall effectiveness of our armed forces.  Secondly, it will bring thousands of employment opportunities within the three major Department of Defense organizations which will have a profound economic impact to our region.  By some estimates this impact will be upwards of $1,000,000,000! 

The families of the BRAC organizations who choose to relocate to Maryland will become a welcome addition. 

How Can I Help?

Many BRAC families will be relocating to Anne Arundel or Howard County. With the large number of neighborhoods each of these counties have, and with each offering different features and amenities, it is important that you work with an experienced and knowledgeable agent who knows the area.  As a licensed agent since 1987 and a relocation specialist, I have assisted numerous families in making the process as fruitful and stress free as possible.  Employers have ranged from The Deparment of Defense and the National Security Agency to departments within the Department of Homeland Security such as the United States Secret Service, and other Federal Agencies.

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