Broadneck Peninsula

The Broadneck Peninsula is located south of the Magothy River, north of the Severn River, and just off the west coast of the Chesapeake Bay. The Peninsula contains two major areas of interest, the Capital city of Maryland, Annapolis, and the much-desired suburb to live in, Arnold. With a combined total population of 61,692, there are 38,856 people in Annapolis and 23,106 in Arnold.

The Broadneck, settled in 1649, was the first European settlement in the Anne Arundel County. Following a brief overthrow in the late 17th century, the villages of Annapolis and Arnold began to grow rapidly. Arnold, owned by John Arnold, became a 300-acre plot of farm land, while Annapolis was deemed a political and administrative capital, a port of entry, and a major city in the Atlantic trade. By the mid-19th century, a strong military and naval presence had established and the capital of Maryland, and its surround areas, had grown larger and more prosperous than ever thought.

Living on the Broadneck Peninsula

The Broadneck Peninsula has a higher than state average median house value of $370,000 with a large variety of styles, and types of real estate. On average, the houses have a value of $432,000, ranging from million-dollar water front properties in exclusive and private neighborhoods, to any size single family homes engulfed in one the of the strongest, resident driven communities. Don’t forget the townhouses, apartments, and condos that are all over the area as well, offering a more economic living choice or a great vacation home.

Some of the Neighborhoods Include:

The Broadneck Peninsula offers some of the most elegant and beautiful neighborhoods in the surrounding metropolitan area. With Annapolis boasting its unique feel and lifestyle, and Arnold having one of the largest water front communities, the Broadneck Peninsula will be sure to fit your needs. Like most of the neighborhoods on the peninsula, water activities such as boating, sailing, swimming, and relaxing on the beach are a large part of being a resident. If you want a change of pace, local golf courses, parks and trails offer a change of scenery.

Broadneck Peninsula Shopping & Dining Options

The Broadneck Peninsula has an abundance of shopping and dining, whether you are looking for chain restaurants and shops, to locally owned and run establishments. The area is usually broken down into regions, all containing its own features, livelihood, and feeling. The area has many shopping venues, but most head to Annapolis, the Westfield Mall, or Arundel Mills Mall. Taking the time to explore the Broadneck Peninsula will only make you fall in love with the community, whether you are raising a family, working hard, or enjoying the company of someone special. Amenities in the communities vary with some offering water privileges, community pools, marinas or a combination of any of the three.

Broadneck Peninsula -  Parks & Recreation

Broadneck Peninsula is surrounded on three sides with three different bodies of water, all offering more water recreation activities than any of the surrounding areas. There are large family oriented beaches, private and public marinas ready to store and launch power and sail boats, and piers that hold year-round water events. Golf Courses, community centers, clubhouses, and local parks all offer more land driven recreations for those who choose to stay dry. Playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking/biking trails are scattered throughout the peninsula as well. Don’t forget Sandy Point State Park! Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake, this venue features , swimming, picnic areas, Soft ball, volleyball, swimming and fishing.Sandy point also has a large picnic area whit the grills already set up

United States Naval Academy of Maryland

The US Naval Academy has a large community presence in the Broadneck Peninsula, even more so in the Annapolis area. The Brigade of Midshipmen is a group of organizers and purveyors, who provide service groups for the locals. The Speakers Bureau are staff members of the Naval Academy who speak to the external community, in topics of interest and concern. The Midshipman Action Group devote their time and energy to a selection of social services, environmental activities, and educational systems, providing voluntary community service programs for residents.

Schools, Health, and Transportation

The U.S. Naval Academy is one of the top colleges, accompanied by the St. John’s College and award winning Arundel Community College, all growing and educating the community for over a century. These colleges also add an extracurricular standard to the surrounding area, pushing the public schooling system to do their best. This extraordinary educational system is a part of the Anne Arundel County School District, educating all ages of children, and giving the families the choice to send their children to a private school if desired.

Being included in the metropolitan area, the residents have access to public transportation busses and taxis, and even some water taxis to be able to go between different water front locations. Local streets all provide easy access to the highways that will bring you anywhere on Broadneck Peninsula, and to any of the surround areas. These roads are great for those who want to commute for work and still have their choice of where they want to live.

Within a short drive from the Anne Arundel Medical Center, residents have access to many inpatient needs, joint and spinal specialists, and women needs. Washington D.C. and Baltimore offer anything that the local centers cannot, and are only a short drive away. 

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